– When was Harvard Quidditch founded?

The Harvard Quidditch team was founded by Stacy Rush and Alana Biden in 2009.


– Are you affiliated with United States Quidditch?

Yes. Harvard is registered with the USQ as an official team.


– How many times have you participated in the World Cup, and how many times have you won?

The Harvard Quidditch Club has participated in the World Cup five times. We have not won any titles yet. We have also participated in the Texas-hosted Consolation Cup twice.


– Do you have a sponsor?

We currently do not have a sponsor. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact harvardhorntails@gmail.com.


– Is Harvard Quidditch supported by Harvard University?

Harvard College supports the Harvard Quidditch Club in the framework of the Harvard Club Sports program under the Harvard Department of Athletics.


– Where do you practice?

Our practices are held on the green area next to the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC Quad) or in JFK Park, depending on availability.


– When and how often is training held?

We train twice a week. We haven’t set our fall practice times, yet, but when we do, check the calendar page for the most up to date information.


– What are the rules of the game?

For an overview of the rules of the games, please visit https://www.usquidditch.org/about/rules/.


– What about the balls? How did you adapt them?

The flying balls in the Harry Potter movie, namely the quaffle, the bludgers and the snitch have been adapted as follows. The quaffle is a deflated volleyball, the three bludgers are dodge balls, and the snitch is a cross country runner dressed in yellow. For more details, please visit: https://www.usquidditch.org/about/rules/


– Do you really use brooms?

Brooms are an integral part of Quidditch, although recently teams have started using PVC pipes during practice and instead of brooms. This is mostly due to the fact that brooms are very expensive to purchase.


– How is Quidditch received in the greater population?

Speaking from personal experience, we can say that Quidditch is extremely popular with the greater population. After initial surprise, most everybody enjoys the idea of (college) kids running around on broomsticks. As members of the Harvard Quidditch team we have taken pictures with dozens of fans, been featured in several newspapers, and conducted interviews with BBC and other television networks.


– Is Quidditch only for Harry Potter fans?

It is not true that only Harry Potter fans play Quidditch. While growing up with the Harry Potter books certainly draws many players to Quidditch, the sport has developed a life of its own. Many players start playing even though they don’t consider themselves huge Harry Potter fan.


– Is Quidditch a co-ed sport?

Yes. At least two players from each team who identify as a different gender from two other players of the same team must be on the field at all times.


– In your opinion, what’s the importance of playing Quidditch?

Quidditch brings people from all over the world together to play a sport and live out childhood dreams. Like any sport, Quidditch has health benefits, fosters team spirit, and is generally just fun.  


– Will Quidditch be played 20 years from now?

Yes. The number of people playing Quidditch has grown tremendously over the last few years, and we are sure it will continue to do so in the future.